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Netgear security update

The Netgear security update is the essential and foremost thing to be done in our Netgear routers, modem as well as other networking devices. The Netgear is although embedded with the most secure firmware and the latest features. The Netgear router firmware needs to be updated from time to time. Netgear releases the updates on its router firmware on their support portal. Users can visit the official support portal of the Netgear to look out for the update on their router firmware.


You can visit the link and enter the exact model of your router or modem. The Netgear website can also detect your model of the router and the modem automatically. The Netgear security update refers to the Netgear update in the router firmware that enhances and boosts up the security of a Netgear Wi-Fi router, modems as well as other networking devices.

Netgear Firmware update

Making your Netgear router more secure through the Security update patch


The Netgear router security update is basically the add up in a router wireless network making it much more secure. In the present scenario of the much high-tech society, our wireless networks and the routers are much more vulnerable to the unauthorized and illegal access. The attackers can sneak into our wireless network through many hacking tools. While we tend to use the live internet connection, we are visible to the whole World Wide Web through the internet. We also transact many important, crucial and attack prone details on the internet like banking details, personal information, messages from one end to the other.  So to make sure that the wireless networks and our personal information are kept extraordinarily safe, the Netgear router security updates restricts the landing of our confidential information in the wrong hands. 

Netgear security update Manually

The security of the Netgear router is primarily based in the firmware of the router. The firmware of a router is software that acts as the interface between the router and the user. The firmware acts as the bridge in between the user and the device. However, the firmware is not similar to the other software that is open to the users. The router firmware can be accessed with the use of the hardware also. The hardware here refers to the Netgear router. The Netgear security update is a security patch added in the router firmware.


 The users can also log in to the web address in order to update the security level of their routers.

Netgear Firmware Update

Netgear security update

 Why is it important to update the security of our Netgear router?

The firmware update adds up more security and control features in our router. Although the Netgear wireless routers and modems are well built with high security and added up controls. But still, some latest features needed to be appended in the router firmware. Netgear when releases an update on the router, we need to download the update from the download center and then upload it by accessing the homepage of the router by entering the link  

How can we update the security of our Netgear router?

Updating the security of the firmware of the router is an easy and simple task to do. Following steps are to be considered for updating the security patch in the router.

Ø Keep the model number of your Netgear device handy. The exact model of the Router needs to be entered so that the appropriate update is downloaded

Ø Enter the web address in the address bar and setup your device model.

Ø Go to the download center of the Netgear portal. Download the update if released and save it into a specific location accordingly in the PC.

Ø Now, assuming that you are still connected to the network, enter the address or in the address bar and hit enter.

Ø Login to the Netgear router entering the username and password and remember that both the credentials are case sensitive.

Ø Select the Administration tab and then select the firmware update tab.

Ø Upon clicking the update tab, you will be asked to upload the update file from the saved location of the PC.

Ø Double click or open the update file and the upload process is started. Wait for the upload process to finish properly and the router will reboot with the lights blinking on the display panel.

Important TipIt is very crucial to learn that the upload and reboot process during the course shouldn’t be interrupted in any case. If the upload process is interrupted due to any circumstance, the security update or firmware update will no longer work and it might get the firmware corrupted. This can also result in the nonfunctioning of the router. So, try to be extra careful while updating the router firmware.

Some of the important models of Netgear routers on which we can update the security in the above-said method are listed as under.

  1. Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200
  2. Netgear Nighthawk X45 AC2600
  3. Netgear Prosafe WNDAP350
  4. Netgear N600 Dual Band
  5. Netgear ORBI series routers
  6. Netgear DST AC1900 Nighthawk

Pros of getting your router security updated

The security update patches are released from time to time by Netgear Labs. You can just track all the important firmware security updates by following the Netgear through their official website i.e. and update your router firmware from time to time. Following are the benefits that you can reap out from the update.

§  More enhanced security of your personal information.

§  Added parental as well as web filtering control

§  The security update keeps all the possible threats away from your wireless network.

§  Fast and smooth workflow of your Netgear wireless router

 To check for any latest security update for the router

The important fact arises here that how can we come to know about the latest security update in our Netgear router. This is not a much difficult task to do. Give us a chance to make you understand about router security update search. Few details about your Netgear router are to kept noted down. E.g.

Exact router model number (usually printed on the label under the router)

The existing firmware version (V1.2 or V1.2.1 or V1.2.0.1 or similar to that)

1.    Launch the web browser of your PC that is connected to your wireless network.

2.    Enter the address in the address bar and authenticate the consecutive page with the username and the password you have set. Otherwise, the default username and password are “admin” and “password” itself that are case sensitive values.

3.    Upon landing on the homepage of the router, click on the ADVANCED and then Administration tab.

4.    Click Router update> Security update tab.

5.    Now click the Check tab and the router will search for any latest security update available for your router and will prompt you to download it. (If any available)

6.    Then click on Download the update tab and the latest security update patch will be downloaded in a particular location of your choice.


Note– This method of searching for the security and firmware update applies to all the Netgear routers, modems and other networking devices. The models include the Nighthawk series, N series, G series etc. All the models of Netgear routers can be updated in an above-mentioned way.



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